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Roger Mora

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Lodging and booking:

$100.00 lodging fee per day

$150.00 guide fee per day (minimum)

A non-refundable deposit of $1000 shall be made within 1 week prior to the booked hunt.  A personal or corporate check will be acceptable for the deposit provided the check has cleared prior to the booked hunt.


An extra non-hunting guest will be subject to a $100 per day fee.


Up to 125 inches-$1500
126 TO 139 inches-$2000
140-149 inches-$3000
150-159 inches-$4000
160-169 inches-$5000
170-174 inches $6000
175-179 inches $6500
180-184 inches $7000
185-189 inches $7500
190-194 inches $9000
195 and over…CALL FOR PRICING
*Harvest Fee will be required in cash or cashiers check only.

Wounded Deer Policy:

If the hunter’s shot draws blood, the deer shall be considered harvested or killed and the hunter will be required to pay full price based upon the guide’s estimated Gross Boone and Crockett score. The hunting guide will employ every opportunity in the recovery process of the deer.

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